Front end developer living in Newcastle upon Tyne


Oh man! Experience! It's a tough one to knuckle down to a few things but I'll try.

HTML and CSS, they're right in my wheelhouse. I've been working with putting websites together for years and years now and I pushed myself to learn new techniques and best practices for HTML and CSS.

I've been using Sass, the CSS pre-prosessor, for a few years now and it's helped enormously with my productivity. Using mixins, for loops, variables and more has made my life as a front end developer MUCH easier and faster.

As for Javascript, I have experience using pure Javascript, Knockout, Angular, Typescript and jQuery.

About me

My name is Michael K. Clements and I'm a year old front end developer / gamer / film enthusiast.

I'm a bit of a tech geek and I like keeping up to date about new hardware, software, patches & whatever!

Apple and Google's websites are big inspirations to me and I try to learn from their techniques. There's always more to learn!

The most played game I play at the moment is Dota 2. A part from that I enjoy playing Rocket League and The Witcher 3.